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Tips to Make a Unique Layout for Your Die-Cut Boxes

December 30 2020 , Written by Joe Smith Published on #custom die-cut boxes, #die-cut boxes, #Die-cut boxes wholesale, #Die-cut packaging boxes

Many world’s famous brands have been following the trend by using custom die-cut boxes to grab customers’ attention. These beautiful boxes come with a customized window shape which allows those customers to see the products before purchasing them. Packaging trends today have been getting more creative and modern. For this reason, your business needs to give a new look to your product packaging boxes with unique layouts. To help you out in this matter, below are some tips to make a unique layout for your die-cut boxes.

Give a Touch to Velvety Texture

Lamination has an essential value for nearly every die-cut box design as this alternative is commonly used for luxury packaging items. Lamination has a role in preserving the lifespan of printing quality and elegancy. Gloss and matte might be the most widely used lamination styles when you need to preserving printing by fighting those detrimental external factors.

On the other hand, you could go for velvet lamination to increase aesthetics. The velvety texture is loved by everyone as it offers great resistance against scratches and has been considered the best abrade resistant. Better yet, it will also increase the overall shelf life of printing and your product packaging itself. Thus, a completely new brand value will be represented by using this style.

Play with Lively Colors

Do you know that about 85% of customers made their purchase decisions as they get influenced by colors? Yes, you need to consider playing with lively colors if you want to give a brand new look to your custom die-cut packaging.

Psychology says that colors have a deep influence to impact human emotions while also attracting them with a soft sensation. Thus, try to choose such colors that are capable to deliver an alluring look in every condition. But remember, your colors should also express your brand theme.

Consider the Nostalgic Approaches

There is a lot of beautiful options you can choose to make your die-cut box templates more creative and innovative. Consider using a nostalgic approach sometimes give more beneficial in drawing the most attention. In fact, some industry experts consider this as a perfect style for the most unique packaging design. There are various past trends that have been getting the most attention, proving that those customers still love to see the vintage and retro designs back.

As a result, you would be able to see many brands that have already shifted their packaging designs to these approaches as the styles transfer them back to the old times and deliver a memorable feeling. Apart from retro and vintage, you could also choose from some other nostalgic designs that are quite popular such as antique, classic, royal, and reminiscent. All of these layouts will completely change the looks of your die-cut boxes.

Wrapping Up

So, which layout you prefer for your custom die-cut boxes to be? One thing you should note, no matter which layout you would choose, make sure that your packaging design will be matched with your brand identity, and amaze your customers more.


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